He passed Phase 2!

So on Friday, I was a little bit of a nervous wreck. I knew that I was supposed to get a call from James if he passed Mountains (Phase 2). I wasn't really sure if I would still get a call if he didn't pass. Now, I know he's really great at what he does but I knew something could still happen. I knew I may be getting a letter from him so I took a late lunch so I would get home after mail was delivered. I opened up my mailbox and there it was! I was so excited. I took it up to my apartment to read it. It was about 3 or 4 days worth of letters in one, since he had been out in the field. Then as I was about to finish up reading, I got a call from a 706 number!



"Did you pass??"

"Yep. I don't have much time to talk. I just wanted to let you know that I passed, I'm okay, and I love you."

The total time for the phone call was about 3 minutes. I told him I was proud of him several times. He said something about being annoyed with the RIs because he didn't have very long to talk at that moment, but he thought they would have time later to call. This made me a little nervous because I knew I had to drive to Indiana that night and might not have signal the whole way. So I told him I loved him, was praying for him, and again how proud of him I was.

I got off the phone and texted pretty much everyone in his family and my family. Then I got on facebook. Pretty much all of my friends knew I was waiting for this, so I had to let them know. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to hear that he passed. Phase 2 is generally considered the hardest phase, so most guys will have to recycle at least once. The fact that he was able to get through in one shot is pretty amazing. I was beaming the whole day.

So I drove to Indiana with my friend from the Tri Club.. nervously checking my phone signal for the whole 2 hours in case he did get another chance to call. We got there, had dinner, and then I was hanging out with some people from the club at the hotel that night, thinking about going to bed soon when my phone started going off! At that point, I was totally not expecting another call. I was so excited to pick up the phone.

"James?? You got to call me again??"

"Yep. I've got about ten minutes this time."

He had gotten his care package that me, my family, and his family sent. (will post a picture later). We sent him about 12 pounds of food, knowing he would be able to share it. The only thing that was sad is I sent him his favorite flavor of Clif bars and they took those away because they were considered "energy bars" but let him keep some other protein bars I sent? Annoying. He said he didn't think he had lost too much weight. Overall he seemed in very good spirits. He said that they will not being jumping in Florida. Because of budget cuts, they will be bused in. Which I'm sure he'll be annoyed about later to not get another jump on his record, but he was happy to be able to sleep on the bus ride to Florida. At least he was able to still do a jump during Phase 1.

So glad we got a whole 10 minutes to talk. He said they were letting the married guys call first and that's also why he was able to call earlier. So at that point, I was very happy that we are married. :)


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