A long awaited phone call!

Yesterday, I knew I was supposed to get a call around dinner time to here if my husband has passed Phase 3 (the final phase) of Ranger School. His last letter had not been a very happy one.. I could tell he was really ready to be done. So our extended families, co-workers and friends were all praying for him.. that the call would be good. My parents and brothers already have plane tickets to go down there. We were really hoping/praying that he would.

I had been looking at a lot of army wife/gf/fiance blogs and that was actually really helpful to read their experiences. Most got the call late on Sunday night. One got the call as late as the following MONDAY night. Another said that when her SO did it, the calls started coming at 7pm on Sunday. So I tried to relax all day.. and planed to be at his parents house for when the call came. I got there around 7.

8 O'clock came around and I decided to get on twitter and facebook and do a search for the phrase "Ranger School" to see if anyone else had heard news. My heart sunk. A girl on facebook had updated her status to say that he husband had passed. At noon. What?? How come she found out 8 hours ago and I hadn't heard anything?

I had been messaging my twitter friend back and forth. She has a boyfriend in Ranger School too and has two friends with guys in Alpha Company with my husband. No one had heard anything.

I played Mario Cart with his parents.. trying to figure out what the heck could be the hold up. Maybe he was calling tomorrow? Surely he hadn't recycled..

Then it was 11pm. Which meant it was midnight for James. I had work the next day. So I told his parents that I had to take off. Went to my parents house (his parents live 5 minutes from mine). Sadly told my dad when I came in the door that I still hadn't heard anything, and got ready to go to sleep. Was going to have to drive an hour farther to work the next day.

I laid down for bed, put my phone on LOUD and turned out the lights. I was probably laying there for about 2 minutes when the room lit up from the phone going off. It was him! "Hello??" "Hey! Guess what!" At that moment, I already heard it in his voice. And everything was perfect. But I wanted to hear him say it anyway. "Did you get your GO??" "Yep, I passed! I did it! I made it without recycling!" Such an accomplishment. He said that Florida phase was definitely the hardest. I told him how proud of him I was. and that I planned on getting there Thursday for lunch and he said that was perfect. Then he told me he had to go and that he would try to call tomorrow. I looked later. The phone call was 4 minutes long.

It was probably the best phone call of my life.

I feel like I'm on cloud 9 right now. Praise God! I'm so proud of him! Now I'm feeling a little bad because everyone is saying "I told you he would make it!" I knew it he would too, but I had to prepare for a bad phone call anyway. "Expect the best, prepare for the worst" was basically my situation.

Come Friday morning, I'll get to pin that wonderful little black and gold tab on his uniform! I'm so happy!

But my twitter friend has still not heard from her boyfriend and it's Monday morning now. :( Keeping her and her bf in my prayers.


  1. thank you for this post. Im going through this right now and waiting on a call hopefully today.

    1. good luck to him! hopefully you'll hear good news!

    2. I too am waiting for a call!! Personally find nancys have you heard anything?! My stomach has been in knots anxiously awaiting all day! Amy your and Lindsey's blogs have been so helpful through the whole process!


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