LaPorte Triathlon

On Saturday, I competed in the LaPorte Triathlon! I loved this race. It was my first open water swim and my first race with my cycling shoes. Even though the extra pair of shoes was only one more thing to pack, it still made me nervous. I'm used to running races where really all you need is your running shoes and you're set. Everything else is optional (for the most part). For a triathlon, that's not true. You need you bike, bike computer, helmet, bib number strap, cycling shoes, towel, running shoes, sunglasses, goggles.. omgoodness I'm already overwhelmed. I laid it out and took a picture while I was packing.

My transition area.

The dreaded lake.

Me and my number. I love that part. I feel so hardcore.

My new Brooks Mach 12 Spikeless Racing Spikes. With the laces switched out for elastics.

During transition 1, I somehow put my sock on sideways and got a blister because of it. I'm still a noob.

Me after! Glad to be done.

My results:
Swim: 12:48 (1/4 mile)
Transition 1: 1:43
Bike: 43:11 (12.4 miles, 17.2mph)
Transition 2: 1:05
Run: 30:00 (3.4 miles, 8:50 min/mile)
Overall: 1:28:45

Not happy with my swim time. At all. But in my defense, I signed up for this triathlon spur of the moment. I only swam 1 time since my last triathlon in June. I am really happy with my bike time. My speed was better AND the course was hillier than anything I've done before. Thanks to my bike shoes for that. :) And my run wasn't too bad either. I went at a 8:20 pace for the Naperville triathlon, but it was much hotter for this one and was hillier and a little longer. So I'm not beating myself up about that. I'm also especially happy with my Transition 2 time. 1:05 to switch from cycling to running shoes! yeah!

Overall, I've learned that I should probably keep swimming, even if I don't think I'm gonna do a Tri for a while. I could really feel a difference in my arms. AND I've now got experience with the open water swim and transitioning with cycling shoes. Yay!


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