Last Full Week (Hopefully)

Today begins my last full week of work (hopefully) before I drive down to Georiga. I got my first florida phase letter from the hubby on Saturday. Well.. I was actually not home on Saturday so I didn't get it until Sunday night. He said that he is doing well and really liked my care package! I could tell that he was getting really excited that he's in the final stretch. The bad news is that more than half of his company in the previous class had to recycle Florida phase. Not good. They had previously heard that Florida was the "easiest" of the three, but it doesn't sound like that is the case.

My father-in-law has actually been in the hospital with pneumonia for about a week now. So the question was.. should I write him about it? It's not life-threatening now, but pretty serious. Apparently it was pretty scary for my mother-in-law the first couple days. So now we're just over a week and a half away from graduation, so I'm worried about them making it to graduation. So yes.. I did write to tell him. On the one hand, I don't want him to worry, but I didn't want to be writing happy-go-lucky letters and then have him get done and me to have to tell him "oh yeah.. your dad has been in the hospital this whole time and he's too sick to come see you graduate." I figured he'd want to know. It takes like 5 days for my letters to get down there and I'm not sure the news got there before he started his FTX (they don't get letters during the FTXs). But he will at least get the full version if I don't have long to talk to him on the phone when he gets back.

Praying I don't hear anything from him until it's good news.. 6 days to go.

I ran a total of 23 miles last week. That's the most I've run in one week in a while. I feel a little lame, because when I was in cross country in college, a 40 mile week was not uncommon. Oh well.. maybe I'll get back there eventually. I have an 11-mile run on Thursday. Omygoodness. It's literally been about a year since I ran that long. Wish me luck.


  1. Hi, ive been reading your blogs about Ranger school. My hubby started this last Monday, I haven't received a letter yet but I live in WA so that might be pretty normal. I just remember when he was at basic the letters didn't take that long. He is expected to graduate Dec 6th if he makes it through in one shot, which I think he will. I wanted to ask about when you went down for his graduation. Was the graduation in FL or back at Ft. Benning? Since my hubby graduates in Dec he will be coming home on the 16th for block Christmas leave. We had talked about me not coming down for his graduation since he would be home not too long after. But now that he is actually in Ranger I am thinking I want to fly down for his graduation. How did the graduation work? Could you email me your experience. Thanks! My email is


    1. Hi Tess, The graduation is at Ft Benning. If it's something that you can afford to go to, I definitely would! I have a blog post on the graduation here:


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