More Tri Pics And More Mileage

A friend of mine from the tri club posted some more pictures! Here are a few.

The lovely Kankakee Triathlon Club.

My favorite part of the race.. coming out of the water.

The run.

My pearls matched my swim cap so they took a picture of me showing them off. :)

Now that I'm pretty sure that I'm done with triathlons now for the rest of the summer. Which is kind of a relief to just focus on running. I did mile repeats on Monday instead of my usual long run. This was actually because it rained.. but I'm kind of glad that I got the running workout in instead. Then I got another 5 miles in at running club. I'm already doing way better on mileage this week.

Also.. 11 more days til I get a phone call from my hubby! Trying not to go crazy.

I also discovered Daniela Andrade and I decided I love her music.


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