Long Run

I've been trying to do my long run on Thursdays this summer. I got 10 miles in last night and it was actually the first long run I've gotten in since the Waterfall Glen 10 miler (almost 3 weeks ago!). I ran to running club, which meets only 2.5 miles away, ran 5 miles with my buddy Steph from the club, and ran home. Felt great, but my hamstrings were pretty tight starting at about mile 4 or so.

I haven't been using GU gels this summer. Last summer, I used them every long run and would always feel sick afterward. I always thought it was just because I did a long run, but now I've figured out it's the gels. So I'm not really sure what I'm going to do once I do a full marathon.

This was a pretty slow, easy pace. My fastest mile was probably around a 9 min mile. And I'm sure I slowed down above 10 a couple times. My average was 9:50. I've kind of been wishing I had one of the Garmin watches, especially since so many people in the running club have them.

Planning on going on an easy/recovery bike ride after work today and some good stretching. Maybe even some yoga.

Anyway, I was glad to be able to write to my hubby last night that I did my 10 miles. :)

9 days til the phone call.


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