If I ever got a tattoo..

(source, Oh the lovely things)

I'm a bit obsessed with bird tattoos lately. But I'm pretty sure it may be a phase, so I'm afraid to get something permanent. My favorite lyrics ever are "Oh when I die hallelujah by and by. I'll fly away.." from the really old hymn.

I also found this awesome tumblr blog of all bird tattoos.

I didn't get a call yesterday from hubby. Which is good. No news is good news until tomorrow... he guessed it would be tomorrow evening. I might be driving to Indiana for my triathlon when he calls, so I'm starting to get nervous about silly things like "what if I don't have signal when he calls?" So I hope he calls before I leave. I'm pretty sure I would have heard from him by now if he had to recycle, but I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up. Tomorrow is either going to be extremely good or very bad day.

This is how I've been praying for him. Even though he's not deployed yet, I still think this is an awesome list.

Oh the uncertainty. I feel strangely at peace though. I went on an easy bike ride this morning and it was actually chilly when I started! Such a nice break from the heat. God is good.


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